• CheckBox is a solution to extract geometrical data, non geometrical data and drawings from NX-Parts for comparison, to detect differences between these parts.

    Ever NX Version change raises the following questions:

    • Does “my data” change because of the conversion to the new NX version?
    • Can “my data” still be opend, edited and saved?
    • Is “my data” in the new version in the same way manageable as in the current productive version?

    This questions can only be answered when the “own data” is verified through appropriate methods!

    A manuel verification is very comprehensive and requires a huge amount of time. In addition, the tests are only successful if such manual checks are performed systematically.

    The immense time required for manual testing in practice leads to the fact that this part of the conversion is usually treated only superficially.

    To answer these questions the software CheckBox was developed in cooperation with the companies BSH, KBA, MTU, Renk, ASML and S-PLM

    To find out more about the CheckBox, its concept and the way to use it with the PLMJobManager, please have a look at the presentation below.

  • CheckBox

    If you have any questions or if you want to have more informations about CheckBox please contact us directly.


PDF document english: NXCheckBox_01Presentation_en.pdf