PLM Performance Analyse

  • PLM – Performance Analyse

    The PLMPerformance Analyse software is a solution for automated and permanent performance measurements for NX in the TC Environment


    All complex software solutions are evaluated in addition to the software quality, especially on performance behavior. The software performance is perceived as a “felt speed” by almost all users. Experience has shown that the performance decreases permanently and that this is percieved, discussed and criticized only after a reduction of 30% -40%. This often leads to unusable statements that make it difficult to improve the performance of the system.

    A particularly problem is to evaluate the impact of individual measures in time relation, if no continuous measurements are available.

    To improve this situation we developed the PLMPerformanceAnalyse (PPA)

    The software supplies:

    • Performance data on loading assemblies
    • Performance data on starting TeamCenter and NX for each workstation
    • the user count of logged in useres in TC
    • location-based ping times
    • an interactiv user interface that displays the data graphically and time-based

    With this solution you achieve:

    • objectiv evaluation of the system performance
    • it helps to identify all kinds of performance degradation
    • it delivers important data to detect time-based performance problems

    This software was developed and optimized since the beginning of 2006 in cooperation with Koenig & Bauer AG

    For further informations please have a look at the presentation below.

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    If you have any questions or if you want to have more informations about PLMPerformace Analyse please contact us directly.

    Presentation Document from PLM-Europe 2019

PDF document english: addPLM-PLMPerformanceAnalyse_Praesentation_en.pdf

Presentation document ‘PLM Performance Analyse‘ held at the PLM-Europe 2019 in Berlin