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  • ISSUE: NX PartViews shows wrong content

    Description: Part Views generated with NX  Versions ‘until NX6’ seems to have incorect views Example:  Solution 1:  Using interactive workaround: Repair Interaktive set UGII_PART_CLEANUP_DRAFTING_COMPONENTS=1 + Part Clean Up Save and reopen parts and redo view update Solution 2: using part-utility with following setting set UGII_PART_CLEANUP_DRAFTING_COMPONENTS=1 with Option „-cleanup=yes“ Notes:  DO not use set UGII_PART_CLEANUP_DRAFTING_COMPONENTS=1 in Standard […]

  • NX12 – Update

    As we did informed on PLM – Germany Conference Technical Details about NX12 Update and Next steps it will come soon Last Update: 25.06.2018 / J.Fes